Looking for external Java, .Net developers and Functional Analysts?

How we work

Our Consultants remain Dynamix employees during the entire process.

You contract them on behalf of your customer, giving you the best of both worlds: flexibility & reliability.

We have full visibility on their availability and IT skills. We know them individually and constantly invest in their talent.

Contract & pricing

Placement agencies, head hunters and recruiters are partners for Dynamix. We do not deal directly with your clients and sign a non-compete agreement with you.

Thanks to our optimised operating costs, we are able to offer competitive prices for our senior Consultants. Our daily rates start as low as 400€, depending on the experience and technical skills required.

The Dynamix consultant

We guarantee the quality, character and stability of our consultantss. Dynamix recruits the best resources, with technological knowledge and professional experience. Our talents are highly competent, certified FullStack (front-end and back-end) Java developers.As we also have a pool of  highly competent Functional  Analysts who can provide valuable insights and analysis for your projects.

We have a rigorous recruitment process: several technical tests (including professional background checks), HR assessment and interview with a work psychologist.

Between projects, our consultants train in the Dynamix Academy to ensure they have the latest competencies. Additionally, we provide personalised coaching on soft skills and any languages they wish to learn.

All our consultants have a work and residence permit for Belgium , they are also eligible for contracts in the entire EU territor

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