Research and Development

Solution Center

We combine partner technology and solutions with specialised software R&D service offers to deliver a highly integrated solution.


We work with key actors in the  Health, Automotive, Energy,  Finance, Retail, Telecommunications and Services sectors.


Dynamix IT SPRL supports its partners’ development strategies in the areas of innovation, R&D and information systems.

Software research and development

The idea behind R&D is conceptualizing an entirely B-to-B  & C-to-C Software. Most R&D projects involve two different phases. During the research phase, the Dynamix team formulates a problem, experiments with new approaches, and tests the viability of potential software ideas. Then comes the development phase where the team transforms the findings into a software.

In 2020 Dynamix  Belgium  was honoured with a Trends Gazelles award.

R&D strategy

At the entry level, our developers participate in software development or research projects, contributing with their theoretical knowledge and creative ideas. As they build their understanding of our solutions.
At the forefront of their technology domain, our senior developers contribute internally guiding what we do and driving our processes. They share their expertise proactively and widely with the team.

Latest Projects

Research and Development – Our Way
At Dynamix, we carry out comprehensive R&D projects that develop new methods and approaches for producing highly successful software. 

Here’s below some of our Research and Development projects..


DynAdmin is our ERP Software that our developers use for practical training within Dynamix Academy, this product will support the on-boarding process of consultants, profile sharing activities with the partners and end clients, invoice generation and CRM related activities. 

Pigeon Express

Pigeon Express is a platform where people meet (in this case, requesters and travellers) to deliver parcels, gifts and other items as quickly as possible around the world.