About Us

Who We Are

Dynamix is a talent management company of senior Java developers.

Our Mission

Find and hire high level profiles from all over the world. Ensure that digitalisation experts are always available for our partners in Belgium and in the UK.


What We Do

We ensure our consultants have the technical and interpersonal skills you and your clients need.

We match your business requirements and provide specialist expertise to deliver optimum results.


Our History

Dynamix has nearly 20 years experience in the IT sourcing market in Brussels. Our platform is designed for partners who are looking for external Java developers. This business model remains our foundation today.

In 2020 Dynamix opened an office in the UK and our Belgium branch was honoured with a Trends Gazelles award.

Values Statement

Work ethics

The Dynamix consultants focus on quality and clear communication to achieve their project goals. All our employees are respectful of the commitments made towards the customer. They are diligent, adaptable and accountable.

Management Principle

Dynamix is a team of dedicated and passionate professionals, with extensive experience in Java expert sourcing. We offer our partners a pool of senior talents for their projects.


● Preferred partner for IT staff sourcing

  ● Happy & talented team

 ● Best in class Java developers

At Dynamix we believe our employees are our true strength. That’s what makes us so good at what we do.

We are a customer-oriented company, building long-lasting partnerships with our clients to achieve mutual success.